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Got Emu Oil?

Got Emu Oil?

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  • Emu Oil is great for your skin!  It's an anti-aging oil that is one of nature's best kept secrets. It's natural and non toxic. The benefits of emu oil are becoming more prevalent in dermatological discussions and research. It can improve your skin because emu oil is an excellent emollient with strong transdermal properties. In other words, it penetrates the skin's layers. It doesn't just sit on the surface like many expensive moisturizers do. 
  • Emu oil does many good things and the studies are there to prove it. What research has shown is that there is something in the oil that is compatible with human skin. Leigh Hopkins, PhD., explaines: "The fatty acid composition of emu oil is very close to the correct composition of the fats as found in normal human skin." This allows emu oil to penetrate human skin much deeper than other moisturizers and oils. Studies have also found that emu oil can plump up your skin to help diminish wrinkles and age spots.
  • Emu oil is a great skin moisturizer. It penetrates through the top layer of skin (the epidermis) to the second layer of skin (the dermis), pulling along other anti-aging ingredients such as Elastin and Collagen with it, it is anti-inflammatory, it won't clog pores, and is odorless.  It has also been proven to be very effective on first- and second-degree burns and radiation burns. It takes away the pain of the burn, and reduces scarring and blistering. Most wounds heal much faster with emu oil.

That is why we offer 3 products made with Emu Oil.

  • Marli's Rapid Wrinkle Erase is our newest moisturizer that can be used day and night. It combines emus oil with Hyluronice Acid, Elastin, Collagen, Tri-peptide 5 (a triple amino acid) panthanol, and vitamins C, E, D, & A. This one of the most powerful anti-aging creams on the market and the ONLY moisturizer that combines all of these power ingredients in one cream to address replenish collagen, elastin, and moisture to your skin. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes under eye puffiness, and improves skin texture & brightens skin tones.
  • Marli's Sun Damage Repair Cream is a great heavy duty moisturizer for you face, neck, chest, and hands that combines pure Emu Oil with Elastin, Collagen, Squalene, Panthenol, & Pro-B vitamins diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce age spots, replenish elastin and collagen to the second layer of skin (the dermis), and help boost new cell growth of elastin and collagen in the dermis. No injections needed here! Just a great moisturizer that will go deep into the skin to reduce wrinkles, repair damaged and thin skin, hydrate dry skin, lighten age spots, and reduce the "leathery" appearance of your neck, chest, and hands from too many years of fun in the sun!
  • Marli's Stretch Mark & Scar Repair Cream is a heavier cream, like the Sun Damage Repair Cream and is great for stretch marks, sun and wind burns, burn scars, along with other scars or minor irritations to the skin such as cuts, bug bites, scrapes, or bruises. We have several cancer patients who go through radiation treatments that LOVE this product. It reduces skin irritation and pain to the area of the skin that is subjected to the radiation as well as help to reduce the scarring.

So let us ask you...

Got Emu Oil?

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