How It All Began

 Do YOU know the Danyel Story?

   Danyel’ Cosmetics and Marli’ Skin Care were the vision of Linda “Cricket” Witt.  It began quite simply.  Cricket had extremely sensitive skin and could find nothing on the market that would give her what she needed—a fragrance and dye free, simple and easy to use skin care regimen and cosmetics line that did not break her skin out.  No matter what the cost, no matter how many trips to the dermatologist, she still was constantly searching to find cosmetics and skin care that were easy to use, would give her a natural, light look, and would not give her terrible allergic reactions that would send her back to the dermatologist over and over again.  From drugstore lines to high-end department store lines and specialty lines, the results were always the same.

    Cricket felt there had to be something out there for women like her.  She could not be the only woman with these issues.  So in 1974 she ventured into the industry to seek a product line that would cater to her and other women with extremely sensitive skin.  Once she found a product that would work for her, it was easy to sell and she quickly became a top sales representative for that company.  Then the ownership would change, the product formulas would be “adjusted” to become more “profitable” and the cycle of breakouts and trips back to the dermatologists would start all over again.   

    After several years of working with several companies, Cricket decided that if she truly wanted to have an all natural product line that delivered what it promised to do, she would have to do it herself. 

    Her philosophy was simple.  If she and the other women she had met over the years could use her skin care and wear her makeup everyday without breakouts, then anyone could wear it. 

    For 2 years, Cricket worked biochemists, foundation specialists, and color experts from two different skin care labs and a color lab to formulate her product line. She told her team that she needed products that would not break her out, skin care that would replenish elastin and collagen that we naturally loose after the age of 25, protect our skin from sun damage and the elements,and foundations that stay on the top of the skin, hiding fine lines and wrinkles instead of settling down into them by the end of the day, and would not melt off by the end of the day, even in the heat and humidity of the deep south. Her make-up artist on the team asked, "You don't want much, do you?" Cricket just smiled and replied, " But that is what I need and there is nothing on the market that does all of that!" With that, the team pushed up their sleeves and got to work! 

In December of 1980, Danyel’ Cosmetics and Marli’ All Natural Skin Care officially opened their doors.  Our products are all natural, formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients such as Aloe, Elastin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Tri-peptide 5, Emu Oil, Panthenol, and vitamins C, A, E, & D. Marli' Skin Care products are fragrance and dye free. Danyel' Cosmetics are fragrance and mineral oil free. Animal testing is strictly prohibited, and we have been proudly serving the salon industry every since!

    Now that Cricket has passed the torch on to her daughters, they are as committed as their mom to continue to serve their customers and all women with wonderful products just has Cricket has done since 1980.   

Our Beautiful Founder, Linda "Cricket" Witt

Oct. 22nd, 1949 - July 31st, 2013

Never Forgotten, Always Loved, Forever Missed

Below is a note from Cricket's daughter, Kim Stahlin.


Hello all,

On behalf of my Dad, Bruce, my sister, Stacie, myself & BJ, the grandkids, and the rest of our family, and all of our wonderful employees, I wanted to extend a very heartfelt Thanks for all of your warm thoughts, kind words, phone calls, hugs, cards, and mostly your Prayers. You have carried all of us through such a devastating time. In the worst moments of our grief, your prayers have washed over us and wrapped us in so much love. We have felt the peace and comfort in so many moments and will continue to do so. We know that the days ahead will be hard, but Mom had such joy and love for her family, friends, and customers, that we can't help but carry that on. Please continue to pray for all of us and reach out to us often. The phone calls, the texts, the cards...they help so much. Mama loved BIG! She taught us well to carry that on. We will all continue to LOVE BIG just like Mama did. Like Racheal (her only grand-daughter) said, we are not saying "Goodbye", just "See Ya Later!"

Below is my mom's obituary and above is my Dad's favorite picture of her. So many have come to us and told us that it fits my mama to a "T" and I would have to agree.

Thanks to all of you guys for loving us through such a difficult time and let me thank you in advance for continuing to do so.

Mom loved this company, her customers, and vendors so much and knowing how much you all loved her is what gives us peace and strength during this time. Stacie and I promise to continue to run Danyel' Cosmetics in the the tradition that Mom taught us - Customers come first and they deserve only the best! Thanks again for your love, support, and prayers not only now but in the days to come.

In Him,

WITT, Linda Sue, Known to all as "Cricket", blessed us with her presence from October 22, 1949 until July 31, 2013. Cricket was one of a kind. To know her meant you saw the glow that no one could describe. What an impact she made on all who met her. She will always be remembered for her zest for life and shopping, her tenacity, her big, beautiful smile, and her unconditional love for her family and friends. The "Cricket Disease" meant laughter was always near because you never knew what mess she would find herself in, and if you were around, somehow she pulled you right into it. 

Cricket was creator, owner and master of all things at Danyel Cosmetics until she retired in 2012, passing the baton to her daughters. 

She lived her life with the same generosity, determination, and curiosity that ultimately defined her and saw the deepest significance of her life in her relationship with her family, friends and clientele. If you were loved by her, you knew it. 

Life by her example would be that you marry your best friend, love everyone unconditionally, spend time with your family and friends, take time each day to be thankful, hold hands, laugh until it hurts, perform random acts of kindness, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, take chances, and shop till you drop! 

Cricket is survived by her loving and devoted husband of 47 years, Bruce. She is Mama to Kimberly Stahlin (BJ) and Stacie Johnson (Scott). She is Nanny to Austin (Haley) Rader, Racheal Bush Hubarth (Tyler), Jesse Johnson, Matthew Bush, and Joseph Johnson. She is also survived by her loving sister, Dean Adamson (Johnny), and brothers, James "Woody" Kinnard (Betty), Sherman "Peachy" Kinnard (Dean); sister-in-law, Mary Francis "Shorty" Kinnard. Adored by nieces, Teresa Herron (Leslie), Leanne Morris; great nieces, Christina, Erica, Oliva (Tre) Tunstill; nephews, Austin and Jonathan; great-great niece, Caitlin and great-great nephew, Braylin. Preceded in death by mother and father, Gracie and Sherman Kinnard, and brother, George "Bee" Kinnard. She is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Have fun in Heaven Mom!  See you Later!