Marli' Collagen Lifting Facial

Smooth, Correct, Brighten, Tighten, Lift, Firm, and Detoxify all at once with the best Anti-Aging Mask you will ever use! 

Collagen Lifting Facial Mask

See Immediate Results for Women & Men!

Marli's Collagen Facial Mask:

      • Raises eyebrows and plumps age lines around the brow and forehead
      • Refines and restores elasticity in troubled areas
      • Fills in frown and smile lines and firms up your jaw line and neck giving your entire face and neck a more youthful appearance 
      • See results after the very first use and the effects can be seen for up to 4 days
      • The effects of the Collagen Facial Lifting Mask are cumulative.

Marli's Collagen Facial Mask works by creating a smooth mask that will lift and firm face and neck. This mask contracts the under lying muscles to stimulates blood circulation in the face and neck. This rejuvenates the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells leaving the skin bright and radiant.

Using the facelift kit twice a week will greatly decrease small lines and winkles and give your face and neck a increased elasticity.  

After approximately 8 weeks, you can reduce your use down to once a week to maintain the effects of the lift.

Here's why our Collagen Facial Lifting Mask is different from everyone else's:

  • Our facial gives realistic results that are seen after just one treatment 
  • Our facial's results last up to 4 days & requires nothing to be left on your skin unlike other "miracle" products with results that last just a few hours 
  • Our facial averages $5 or less per facial instead of $70 - to hundreds of $$$
  • Marli' Skin Care has 40+ years of skin structure & repair experience & our products are sold in spas, salons, pharmacies, and boutiques all across the USA
  • Our facial is easy to use with no restrictions - Apply your facial before bedtime or before you apply your makeup
  • We formulate and manufacture our products with Grade A (Pharmaceutical Grade) ingredients that are all FDA approved
  • Our mask leaves your skin looking refreshed and restored for days instead of leaving your skin looking and feeling worse than before you used the "miracle" product