Beauty Essentials

Danyel' offers Professional Brushes, Foundation Sponges, Sensitive Eye & Lengthening Mascaras, Eyeliner & Lip Liner Pencils, Color Collections, Specialty Skin Care to take care of all of your skin care and cosmetics needs!

Danyel Special Tools

 Danyel' has black and brown mascaras, black, brown, and charcoal eyeliners specifically formulated for sensitive eyes. Our Mascara will strengthen and moisturize your lashes and will not flake off.  Great for people who wear contact lenses, have eye allergies, are going through chemo or radiation, or have other sensitive eye issues.

 Danyel offers a full line of Professional  brushes made of pony hair that will last for years, and foundation sponges designed especially for Danyel's foundations.

 We also offer Color Collections for all skin tones and offer 3 popular color combinations!  A favorite among our customers that combine our most popular colors of eyeshadows and blushes into one collection at a great price!

Better yet - call us at (800) 356-9642 and we can customize your color collections with the exact shades of eyeshadows and blushes that you choose!

Danyel's 5% Panthenol Hair & Skin Spray is a non-greasy, lightweight spray that is designed to lock in moisture and increase hair volume by at least 10%. 

It also adds moisture to your skin & retains that moisture for up to 24 hours.