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Increase Salon Profits With Danyel & Marli!

The founder of Danyel & Marli created our line specifically to be sold in the salon market with an emphasis on the cosmetologist's relationship to their client. 

As a cosmetologist and working mother, our founder, Linda "Cricket" Witt understood that she needed to create a product line that addresses the needs of your client as well as understanding the specific needs of how product lines are successful in the salon. She focused on a small, but successful collection of cosmetics and skin care that your clients would buy, actually use and re-purchase, and recommend our products and YOU to others!

A smaller inventory of products that actually SELL is better than having your money tied up in a large inventory full of items you couldn't give away, and she was a firm believer in the K.I.S.S method-Keep It Simple!

It's not so much the cost of a product but the effectiveness, ease of use, and the TIME it takes to use it that makes a product successful. People don't have time for a lengthy beauty routine. Quick, simple, and effective is the key!

Proof of your active cosmetologist license guarantees wholesale prices so you can offer specials and incentives to new and repeat customers. We also work with beauty supply houses.

We support our salons by referring retail customers to a salons in their area, by listing retail locations on our website, advertising those locations at trade and retail shows, and social media retail locations via FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and more.

There are no "franchise" fees to sell our line nor are there monthly sales quotas. We are not a MLM business so you can focus on building trust & rapport with your client by providing them with excellent service through great products instead of trying to recruit them to sell for you.

We work with salons of all sizes and individual cosmetologists who work on their own. We can customize a starter package that will work for you and your budget. If you want to start out small with just a few hundred dollars or bring in full displays to equip your onsite esthetician and makeup artist, we have you covered. We offer personalized training on our product lines, training materials, product merchandising, co-op advertising, and successful sales strategies that have worked for almost 4 decades in the 5000+ salons, spas, tanning salons, & boutiques that we currently work with.


Want to know why Cosmetologists been providing

Danyel Cosmetics & Marli Skin Care to their clients since 1980?


  • Danyel was founded by a cosmetologist who formulated all products to be sold in Salons

  • Danyel’s founder created a small product collection with a proven record of initial & repeat sales 

  • Danyel is used by all ages, but formulated for clients 35 and up  

  • Danyel is hypoallergenic & fragrance free so it can be used by clients with sensitive skin 

  • Danyel’s foundations are formulated to do what a foundation is supposed to do:

     -Give great coverage while reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

         -Feel weightless on your skin while matching your true skin tone without looking “orange” or “pink”

         -Give natural looking coverage that stays on all day-even in warm weather and high humidity


    • Danyel’s Color Line offers vibrant, long-lasting shadows, blushes, lipsticks, eye liners & lip liners that:

         -Never change color after applicaion

         -Never crease, fade, or smudge

         -Have little or no frost to give a youthful, bright look without accenting fine lines & wrinkles


    • Danyel’s fragrance free mascara won’t flake, smudge, or smear & is great for sensitive eyes

    • Marli Skin Care is formulated for skin structure & repair to diminish the appearance of fine line & wrinkles as well slow down how fast our skin looses elastin, collagen, & moisture

    • Fragrance & Dye free with natural, pharmaceutical grade ingredients

    • Simple, quick & easy to use skin care that gives visible improvement to your skin

    • 80% of our customers entire skin care regiment consists of just 2 products:

         -Collagen Gel Wash Cleanser formulated with Collagen & Aloe 

         -Rapid Wrinkle Erase Moisturizer with Elastin, Collagen, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins E, D, A, Tripeptide - 5, Panthenol, Aloe, & Emu Oil (for ages 30 & up for morning and night use)


    • Marli offers a small collection of specialized products formulated to address common skin care issues that comes with aging skin:

         -5% Panthenol Spray - a non-greasy, lightweight spray-designed to lock in moisture & increase hair volume by at least 10%

         -Toner - formulated with Aloe Vera to balance Ph levels for skin that is either oily or dry

         -Collagen Facelift Facial Mask - Lifts, improves muscle tone, even skin tones, reduces the appearance of pores, diminishes fine lines & wrinkles, & exfoliates

         -Revitalizing EDA Cream - Daily & bedtime moisturizer for under 30

         -Botox Alternative Cream with Tripeptide-5 for extra moisture & help with puffiness around your eyes

         -Sun Damage & Environmental Night Time Repair Cream - A heavy duty night time repair cream to repair sun damaged skin & to replenish deep moisture extremely dry skin due to thyroid issues, medications, or medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation

         -Wrinkle Erase - A special blend of Collagen, Elastin, Aloe & Emu oil to address crepey skin on your arms, legs, neck, thighs, and décolletage

         -Eczema Cream - Relieves redness, dryness, and irritation on skin & scalp

         -Psoriasis Cream - Relieves redness and irritation on skin & scalp

    • Deep Moisturizing Butters that are great for feet, hands, arms, legs, & hair with specialties:

              *Mediterranean Lemon - great for diabetics

              *Wild Macadamia - great for mature skin

              *Hawaiian Avocado - great for sun and wind burns & deep hair conditioning

              *Cocoa Mango - blend of cocoa butter, mango butter, hemp, & shea for skin & hair

              *French Lavender - Relax with this fresh & clean scent that gives deep moisture to your skin & hair

              *Cellulite Coffee Scrub - Caffine infused moisture to reduce the appearance of cellulite 

              *Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask - Detox skin, reduce joint pain, refresh skin

              *Vibrant Ink Premium Tattoo Conditioner -refreshes & protects your colors to keep them looking new

              *New Ink Premium Tattoo Conditioner - helps heal new ink or prep skin for tattoos


    Danyel Customers are EXTREMELY LOYAL - many have been using Danyel for over 20 years & often share their love of Danyel with family & friends! 

    If you are a Salon owner, Cosmetologist, Spa, Boutique, or Business owner, and are interested in providing Danyel' Cosmetics and Marli' Skin Care Products to your clients, please call us or send us an email.  We have been servicing Salons, Spas, Tanning Salons, &  Specialty Boutiques since 1980.  

    Earning your trust and confidence in us so your clients will trust you is our specialty!  Our top priority is providing the great products with excellent customer service to help our wholesalers grow their business and their customer loyalty. We are here to serve you so you can serve your customers with simple to use, but effective products that with continue to use for years to come.

    Please see a small sample of a few salons that currently carry our products in their salon by clicking the link below. 

    Salons That Offer Danyel Cosmetics & Marli Skin Care


    You can also see what our customers have to say about Danyel & Marli on our Customer Testimonial Page by clicking here:

    Customer Testimonials page


    We would be happy to get you all the information and tools you need to not only provide our wonderful products to your clients but grow your salon and spa business as well.  We have a support team on staff who dedicated to education and training in skin care and makeup and are here to assist you and your staff at any time.


    We also offer color displays, foundation displays, and skin care displays.


    Offer new serves to your customers with the 

    Marli Collagen Face Lift!





    This product is  a top seller!  


    We look forward to hearing from you so please contact us at:

    Danyel Cosmetics, Inc.

    PO Box 472
    Greenbrier, TN  37073
    (616)-643-3111 (fax)

    Providing Cosmetics and Skin Care to Women 40 and Older Since 1980!

    Welcome to Danyel Cosmetics and Marli Skin Care! We have been providing all natural, high quality, and affordable cosmetics and skin care to women of all ages since 1980! Providing top quality products that are simple to use and do what we say they will do at an affordable price is our goal here at Danyel Cosmetics. We value our customers and know that providing great products and excellent customer service is what sets us apart! We are proud to offer products that are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.

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