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Beauty Tips from Fashion Knows No Age Blogger - Tammy Harris

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We will be adding pictures and videos, beauty tips, and blending tips about Danyel' Cosmetics & Marli Skin Care
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Marli’s Collagen Lifting Facial Mask's unique formula will increase blood flow and increase oxygen to your skin in order to smooth, correct, brighten, tighten, lift, firm, and detoxify all at once.

    Tammy Demonstrates Marli's Collagen Facial Lifting Mask
Click HERE or on Tammy's Picture above to see Tammy demonstrating Marli's Collagen Lifting Facial Mask in action!
You will LOVE it and the results are immediate! 
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Tammy LOVES the way all of Danyel's Lipsticks, lipliners & lip plumbers can be blended together to give you long lasting, custom colors to create unique colors & styles simply by applying different shades together! 

Tammy with Copper Rose, Cabernet & Liptoxyl X3 Clear     RED FLAME ON TOP OF COPPER ROSE

 Here you see 2 of Danyel's best selling lipsticks blended together to create 2 totally different shades. The first picture of Tammy (white shirt) is showing how Danyel's Copper Rose Lipstick blended on top of Red Flame, Cabernet Lip Liner & Liptoxyl X3 Clear Lip Plumper. The second picture of Tammy (her signature Pink shirt) shows how you get a deeper pink shade by applying the Red Flame over the top of Copper Rose-still using our Cabernet Lip Liner and Liptoxyl X3 Clear Lip Plumper.

Copper Rose is our best selling lip shade and is a PERFECT neutral lipstick that goes with everything. Wear it alone or in conjunction with Danyel's long-lasting lip liners and super hydrating lip-plumpers. Copper Rose blends well with virtually ALL of our other Danyel' lipsticks, lip plumbers and lip liners.

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