Danyel Color Collections

The Perfect Shadow & Blush Pallets for your Nude, Smokey Eye, Autumn Bliss, or Cocktail Hour Color Collection is found in Danyel' Cosmetics' New Wine Cellar Color Collection!

  • Chardonnay - The Perfect Nude Color Collection to give you the natural look you crave! 
  • Cabernet - An Irrisistable Smokey Eye Color Collection that is perfect for date night!
  • Merlot - The Perfect Cocktail Party Color Collection that was combined for specifically to you that perfect look for your wedding day, prom, or any other special evening event!
  • Autumn Bliss color palette features all of your favorite Fall Shades all in one pallet all at your finger tips! From cool fall hikes to fun nights by the bon fire-this pallet is all you need!

Our New Mini Shadow Quad collections are perfect for those special colors that you just need to complete a customized look for everyday or a special night out and are perfect for travel!

  • Chantilly Love Shadow Drop Shadow Quad is a warm and cozy collection with warm, purply browns and pinks with shimmering highlights to help accent the long, winter days and nights! This collection contains: Grape, Delight, Freeze and Icicle.
  • Chocotini Shadow Drop Shadow Quad is a rich, chocolaty collection with warm hughes of chocolate and coffee with just enough frost to make any day or night warm, rich and delicious! This collection contains: Coffee, Mocha, Souffle and Freeze.
  • Winter Bliss Shadow Drop Shadow Quad is a cool collection with bright, vivid colors to help beat the winter blues! This collection contains: Satin Pink, Icicle, Smooth Operator & Threshold.
  • Smokin' Hot Shadow Drop Quad is a crisp, starry night shadow collection with vibrant, rich colors to warm up even the coldest of winter nights! This collection contains: Stary Night, Souffle, Celebrity and Freeze.

We have also coordinated to perfect lipsticks and lip plumping glosses for each color pallet.

Each professional brush you will need to achieve that flawless look is also added to the collection details to help you achieve that perfect look!

Don't forget to finish you look with a touch of White Frost Cheek Highlight! Weather you are looking for a subtle glow to you cheeks or a festive extra shimmer to celebrate, our White Frost is just what you need to perfect that flawless look!