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Danyel' and Marli' have enjoyed serving our customers since 1980.  All of the testimonials below have been received since November of 2011 to present.  We try to update these often so send us your comments!  We love to hear from you and share your success stories with other customers!


Check out these these video reviews from Cosmetician and Fashion Blogger, Tammy Harris. Tammy has been providing Danyel Cosmetics & Marl' Skin Care to her clientele and followers since 1984. She is the creator of the fashion blog, "Fashion Has No Age" as well as a fashion advisor the the AL chain of women's boutiques, The Willow Tree. Tammy previously owned Reflections Hair Salon for over 25 years, which is where our relationship with Tammy began. Thank you  Tammy for these awesome video reviews!  These videos focus on our foundations, our Rapid Wrinkle Erase and our Collagen Face Lift Facials. Check out her FaceBook, Instagram and TicTok pages for more reviews on all of our product-especially our Lipsticks, Lip Plumpers, Lip Liners, blushes and eyeshadows. 


Tammy demonstrating collagen lifting facial mask

Take a few minutes to click HERE to see Tammy Demonstrating our Collagen Lifting Facial Mask! 



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Danyel Review from Tammy Harris

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We have gotten several new video reviews from The Southern Women's Show in Nashville and Birmingham! Click on any of the videos below to see what these new customers think about Danyel Cosmetics & Marli' Skin Care!









Dear Danyel & Marli,

I was at a Dr Appt for my husband.  He was at the desk to check in..   A lady sitting next to me asked, Are you his daughter?

I replied, No I am his wife...

She then asked me what I used on my face... I reached for my phone and pulled up Danyel Cosmetics and showed her.

Then a couple of days later , my husband and I were at the attorneys office..  I asked a question if my husband passed away before me could I apply for his Soc Security instead of mine ?  His reply was you have to be of age before you can have Soc Security...  I replied

I am well of age to get Soc Security...  He said but you look so young.

Thank you Thank you   Danyel Cosmetics for keeping me looking young....


Cottonwood Shores, TX  


 Hi Kim,
  It was a pleasure talking to you today.  I called to order foundation for my Grandmother, we call her Mee-Mee. She loves Danyel foundation!!   I ordered three for her today!!!  Thank you for shipping it directly to her. She is such a blessing to our family.  She will be 102 on December 12!!  We truly had a blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product and for such nice customer service!!
Thank you,
 Lisa, LA - December 1st, 2015 


"As a stylist, I feel that it is very important for me to look my best as often as possible.  I have used Danyel' Cosmetics for at least 18 years and am proud to say that I get compliments from people quite often about my skin/makeup.  I think I owe Danyel' a large 'Thank You' for the comments I receive.  The products I use/apply are easy to work with and very affordable.  Thank you, Cricket, for developing such wonderful products and thanks to your employees, as well.  I always have an enjoyable conversation when I call to order.  I look forward to many years of doing business with such terrific people!  [You offer] Fantastic, Quality skin care products at a great value!  Wow!  [You] provide quality products, provide wonderful customer service, [and] keep prices competitive.  [When compared to Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, and Mary Kay], I feel that Danyel'/Marli' provide better products for the cost than a lot of the named brands...I have used a few of [these] brands but I feel that Danyel'/Marli'...stay abreast of the industry and try to supply products that real people can use in their day to day life."

My slogan for Danyel' and Marli' would be "Simply Fabulous for a Beautiful You!"

Amy, AR


Danyel' and Marli' are "the best, non-allergenic products I've ever found!  [Their] quality is consistent, shipping is prompt, [and] the price is right."  When compared to Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, and Mary Kay, "They [Danyel' and Marli'] are 'completely' non-allergenic.  They do not contain petroleum.  There is no comparison.  Yours [Danyel' and Marli'] are so much better-price too!

Pat, MO


Dear Linda (Cricket),

I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your products.  I owned and operated Crown N Beauty Salon in Evansville, IN for a lot of years.  I sold Danyel' Cosmetics and had a lot of satisfied customers.  

I am now eighty seven years old and still use your cleanser and moisturizer.  I still have people say "What pretty skin you have!"  I also have a seventy eight year old sister who has used your products and she gets the same compliments.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


Margie, IL


"I have used Danyel' Makeup since 1996, have tried other [brands with] higher prices, but always come back to Danyel'.  It is the best foundation I have ever used, [it] makes me beautiful!"  Three things that I like about working with Danyel'/Marli' is that I "get to talk to a real person, [you] care about [your] customers, and you make the best make-up.  Danyel' make-up is not heavy like [Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, or Mary Kay], and the price is Great!"

Cindy, KY

When asked to describe Danyel' and Marli', "just one word comes to mind, 'Awesome!'.  Been using [Danyel' and Marli'] since 1986 and you are like no other!"

Lisa, FL


"Danyel' is a smooth makeup with good coverage for all skin types that make the skin look younger.  Orders are filled promptly, [you] explain your products, and let's us know about sales on [your] products.  Marli' leaves the skin fresh and youthful."

Use "Danyel' and Marli' for younger skin!"

Don, Coiffures by Don, TN


"I have been a Danyel' customer since I owned the Silky Lady [Beauty Salon] in the 80's and you all came up from TN to do make-overs in my salon.  [Danyel'] is the best makeup I have ever tried.  [Danyel' & Marli' are best at] customer service, getting products to me fast, and you all are so sweet!"  When compared to Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, and Mary Kay, "[Danyel' & Marli'] are better...much more natural with a flawless look...also cheaper!"

My slogan for Danyel' and Marli' would be "If you don't have flawless skin, have a make-up that is!"

Mary Beth, IL


"Danyel' had great quality and great coverage!  They make great products, ask what WE (the customers) need, and keep prices down.  Danyel' has better quality and is less expensive than Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, and Mary Kay."

My slogan for Danyel' would be "We Cover better for less!"

Barbara, KY


Danyel' is "wonderful...[has] terrific coverage...great selection...awesome!"  Three things Danyel' do best are: "[offer a] variety of items, [have] great products, and [have] reasonable prices."  When compared to Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, and Mary Kay, Danyel' "covers blemishes better, blends fantastic with all skin tones, [and is a] better value."

"[If you] want to look your best, use Danyel' and Marli!"

Wanda, GA


Danyel' is "the best makeup I have ever used...a real God send!  It makes one feel beautiful, looks so natural, and goes on easy."  Compared to Clinique, Merle Norman, Revlon, and Mary Kay, Danyel' is "less greasy and more natural...and I have used them all.  I use Tawny Beige--GREAT!"

"Don't be an Ugly Ducklin', use Danyel'!"

Verba, KY


"I was first introduced to Danyel' over 25 years ago while I was attending beauty school...and I have been using it every since!  It is the answer to looking fresh and un-made up."

Virginia, IL


"I call the customer service number for my products, seems like I talk with the same young lady each time.  She is very nice!  [You] have the products I use, fair prices, and are just good folks to do business with.  Keep up the good work!"

Ricky, TN


Danyel' is a "very good product that I have been using for 30 years...Keep making me beautiful and protecting my skin!"

Donnie Marie, NC



Danyel' offers "outstanding products."  You "get orders out--[have] great people to work with...[and] if I have a problem--[you have] quick and friendly help."  

Danyel' & Marli" "Covers all the bases!"

Sandy, Hair By Design, AL



I have "used Danyel' and Marli' for years--Superior Cosmetics!"  [They are best at] "Southern Hospitality when answering the phone, great products, and shipping on time."

"Why not use the Best--Danyel' and Marli'"

Lucinda, Wheeler Beauty Salon, VA



"I am 79 years old with wrinkles and Danyel' does not cake up on my face.  I would not change brands for any other!"  Danyel' is "the best cover up makeup on the market."  They are best at "prompt mail orders and [are always] courteous on the phone."  

"Their slogan--'Simple to Use with Beautiful Results!' says it all!"

Jean, AR



Danyel's "coverage is the best...and the lightest feeling on my face I have found in a foundation."  Danyel' is "easy to order and over the phone assistant is always pleasant." 

 "Danyel' takes me 'From Plain to Vain!'"

Fay, LA


"A friend of mine and I were introduced to Danyel' at a Heil Beauty Show 30 years ago.  What I use (foundation and blush) is very good--covers well.  They are very helpful on the phone, the salesperson is so nice, and shipping is fast."

Cloteen, KY


"I like their cream compact foundation better than any I have tried.  They have merchandise available when needed, have prompt shipping, and friendly people to help."  

My slogan for Danyel' & Marli' would be "Test & See for BEAUTY!"

Anna Mae, IN

Danyel' and Marli' are "really good products...easy to wear...[have] great service.  The foundation does not break my face out, [and gives me a] smooth, natural look."

Sharon, IL

"Love the products!  I am 73 and get compliments all the time about my skin...how I look and no wrinkles!"

Betty White, NC

"Danyel' gives great results!"

Carroll, TN

"Bringing Out the Beauty in All of Us!"

Darlene & Glenda, Heads Up Salon, FL

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