Color Blending Tips

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Danyel Colo Blending Tips

This page gives you instructions on how to customize colors on your eyes to give you any look you desire by blending a few of your Danyel’ eye shadows and blushes together.

Remember to always use your darkest color first, and then blend lighter shades to get your desired depth. 
Shadows and blushes my be blended wet or dry.
Should you encounter a shade being too dark, it can be corrected by going over that area with your Danyel’ pressed powder, Spun Gold or White eye shadows as a toner and to smooth the colors on the eye lids.
When wetting the fluff brush, be sure you dab your brush on a tissue or paper towel so that it does not puddle in your eye shadow or blush.  You are looking for more of a paste effect instead of a watery effect.

Three "looks" can be accomplished with Danyel's Eyeshadows:

1. Semi-frosted--Apply dry--most common use.

2. Flat-Apply wet by wetting fluff brush and rolling into the side of the container making a paste, then apply to the lid. After drying, this produces a flat shade effect, which is a necessity for ladies with wrinkled or creepy eyelids. Frosted shades enhance or bring out the wrinkles.

3. Super frosted-Apply dry or wet, then apply Danyel's White Frost.  

Danyel' shadows must be applied with Danyel's fluff brush. This insures proper and professional application.  

By combining or blending Danyel's eye shadow shades and blush shades,

you can achieve over fifty (50) additional shades. Practice this creative idea. It provides flexibility and variety without a huge investment. 

Tip: Remember the eyes are the focal point of the face and should be accented and opened, not disguised as harsh colors tend to do. Harsh colors also tend to close the eyes.


Blend the combination of the colors suggested below to get the color you desire.


TEALMeadow Green and Gray Frost


BLUE GREYChilling Mauve and Gray Frost


LIGHT TEAL Meadow Green and Spun Gold


FUSCHUA – Wet Chilling Mauve and Rose Petal Blush


PEACH Amber Haze Blush and Spun Gold


LIGHT MAUVEPink Ice and Mocha Frost


WINE Plumb Berry Blush and White Frost or Translucent Pressed Powder 


Danyel’ blushes can also be applied to the eyes with amazing staying power.  They can be applied wet or dry because of their unique formula.


Danyel Cosmetics Blending Tips

Danyel Lipsticks can be blended for custom lip colors as well!

Blending Lipsticks for custom Danyel' colors 

Some of our most popular lipstick color blending combinations are listed below! 



Be Creative and choose a combination that is perfect for you!

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