pH Balancing Toner with Witch Hazel

Marli Skin Care


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Adding Marli’s pH Balancing toner to your daily skin care routine is the secret weapon to tightening pores, reduce under eye puffiness, restore a natural pH balance, improve skin tone, reduce acne, and gently remove any residual traces of dirt, makeup, and oil.

Why Witch Hazel?

  • Witch Hazel is so gentle that it can be used on nearly any type of skin. Since our formula is Alcohol, fragrance, and dye free, it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. 
  • People with oily skin find that Witch Hazel helps them to achieve a pH balance that other toners can’t.
  • Those with dry skin see the flakes leave while essential moisture remains. 
  • Our toner cleans and calm sensitive skin, unclog pores and help you restore your skin to its natural pH balance.

We added collagen, aloe, and panthenol to keep your skin hydrated, promote healing, and to boost productions of collagen.

Adding Marli's pH Balancing Toner only takes a few seconds each day. Simply wash your face with our Collagen Cleansing Gel, add a small amount of toner to a cotton pad and apply to your entire face (there's no need to rinse off), and then apply our Revitalizing EDA Cream (for under 30), our Rapid Wrinkle Erase Cream (for over 30), or our Sun Damage & Night Time Repair Cream (for night time repair or extra dry skin).