Botanical Beauty Trio Eyeshadow Pallet

Danyel Cosmetics & Marli Skin Care


$44.99 USD

Elevate your natural beauty with the Botanical Beauty Trio, a captivating eyeshadow palette featuring shimmering meadow green, shimmering beige, and shimmering light taupe.

This palette is thoughtfully designed to enhance your inherent allure and harmonize with all skin tones, eye shades, and hair colors. While it complements a wide range of complexions, this palette truly shines for those with green and hazel eyes, golden auburn hair hues, and all shades of skin—from the fairest of fair to golden bronze or tawny beiges.

With natural and lush colors that bring out your inherent beauty, this palette is your perfect choice for enchanting eye makeup.

Embrace shimmery elegance, as each shade in this collection glistens with a delicate shimmer, adding a touch of radiance to your eyes.

Bid farewell to unsightly creases with our no-crease formula, ensuring all-day, long-lasting eye makeup. Experience seamless blending, empowering you to effortlessly create a variety of eye-catching looks.

Elevate your everyday look or dazzle on special occasions with the "Botanical Beauty Trio Shadow Palette," your go-to collection for effortless glamour.

Redefine natural beauty with Danyel’s Botanical Beauty Trio.

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