Marli Collagen Lifting Facial Kit with Sun Damage Repair Cream

Marli Skin Care


$160.00 USD

Do you miss your fresh, brighter, firmer skin from younger years but can’t afford a surgical face lift or costly laser treatments?

Marli’s Collagen Lifting Facial Mask is the answer. Its unique formula will increase blood flow and increase oxygen to your skin in order to smooth, correct, brighten, tighten, lift, firm, and detoxify all at once.

  • Marli’s Collagen Lifting Facial is best Anti-aging mask you will ever use.
  • The unique blend of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals plus the benefits of Aloe Vera work together to attack such common aging issues such as:  WRINKLES, BLEMISHES, FROWN LINES, DRY & FLAKY SKIN, BROWN SPOTS, FINE LINES AROUND YOUR EYES AND MOUTH, LARGE PORES, AND CREPY THROAT.
  • See Results after the first facial, results last up to 4 days, and results are cumulative
  • Apply Marli’s Collagen Lifting Facial 1 to 3 times a week for optimal results
  • Each Lifting Facial Kit gives 25 – 30 facials (that’s less than $4 per facial)
  • Each Lifting Facial Kit contains one 4 oz jar of Collagen Lifting Powder, one 4 oz bottle of Lifting Liquid, one 2 oz jar of Sun Damage & Night Time Repair Cream, a facial application brush, and instructions
*Click HERE  to see how The Marli Collagen Face Lift Facial Works!

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