Danyel's Eye Shadows - Long-lasting, Blend-able, Non-creasing,

Danyel Cosmetics


$21.99 USD

Beautiful. Blend-able. Non-creasing.

Danyel Blend-able, vivid, long-lasting eye shadows

Explore Danyel's Professional Eyeshadows, trusted and endorsed by makeup artists, photographers, and cosmeticians since 1980. Our long-lasting eyeshadows offer a versatile array of finishes, from ultra-matte to extra glittery, and an extensive range of shades, including understated neutrals and striking navy, green, and plum hues.
Unleash your creativity with endless possibilities, crafting subtle natural looks for everyday wear or bold, smoldering looks for special occasions. Our Cream-to-Powder formula guarantees a velvety texture, vibrant color, and seamless blend-ability, free from creasing.
Whether applied dry or wet, these eyeshadows deliver vivid colors that truly pop. Moreover, you can use them with a fine liner brush to create custom shades of eye liners.
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