Autumn Bliss Color Collection

Danyel Cosmetics & Marli Skin Care


$60.00 USD

Danyel's Autumn Bliss Color Collection

The Perfect Autumn Color Pallet

Danyel Autumn Bliss Color Collection

Discover the enchanting allure of the Autumn Bliss color palette, a captivating collection of six exquisite shades meticulously curated to enhance your eye and cheek expressions. Immerse yourself in the art of makeup as you explore the myriad possibilities these shades offer, ranging from the delicate ethereality of Doe to the alluring radiance of Bronze Mist, interwoven with the warm embrace of Sienna and Mocha for personalized blends that captivate the senses.

Crafted with precision, this palette unveils an array of ultra-smooth mattes, lustrous pearls, and dazzling metallics, each shade a masterpiece infused with a unique blend of ingredients. Revel in the velvety textures, vibrant pigments, and seamless blend-ability that define this palette. Elevate your style with ease as you create both daytime elegance and high-fashion evening glamour, experimenting with dry and wet applications for a versatile transformation. Unleash your creativity as you adorn not only your eyes but also your lips with the hues that transcend conventional boundaries.



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