5 % Panthenol Hair & Skin Treatment - 8oz

Marli Skin Care


$31.99 USD

Got fine, limp, frizzy hair with no volume and everything you try just leaves your hair weighed down and flat? Got dry, flaky, irritated skin?

Marli's 5% Panthenol Hair & Skin Treatment is a versatile, non-greasy spray that can be used on all types of hair and skin. Its formula contains panthenol, which helps to moisturize, decrease frizz, and increase hair volume by at least 10%.

Panthenol can also restructure and decompress cells, accelerate hair growth, and nourish chapped and sun-exposed skin. The spray can lock in moisture for up to 24 hours and prevent breakage, making it an excellent addition to any haircare or skincare routine.

It is fragrance-free, dye-free, and can be used by adults and children. It is also safe for use by those undergoing chemo or radiation treatments to help with extremely dry skin or minor skin irritations.

Overall, Marli's 5% Panthenol Hair & Skin Treatment is a cruelty-free, high-quality product that has been used and recommended by professional cosmetologists for over 40 years.

  • Used & Sold by Professional Cosmetologists for over 40 years
  • Works on curly, straight, natural, colored, or permed hair
  • Restore moisture and fullness to hair
  • Increases hair volume by 10%
  • Lock in moisture for up to 24 hours
  • Non-greasy formula that feels weightless on your hair and skin all year long
  • Stops frizz
  • Prevent breakage
  • Fragrance & dye free
  • Can used by adults and children
  • Great for sun burns, bug bites, and other minor skin irritations
  • Use on clean, damp hair before adding product, blow drying, or styling
  • Safe for use & highly recommended by our customers undergoing Chemo & Radiation treatments to help with extremely dry skin or other minor skin irritations
  • Same great formula as Lange' 5% Panthenol Hair & Skin Treatment
  • Cruelty Free

 How to Use:  

On hair: Apply to clean, damp hair and distribute thoroughly. Do not rinse out. For use on all hair types.

On skin: Spray all over skin to hydrate and moisturize. Use on dry, chapped or sun-exposed skin to help soothe and heal. For use on all skin types. Avoid contact with eyes.


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