Tips for Covering Dark Circles & Birth Marks

October 15, 2013

Danyel Cosmetics Duo Blend Foundations and translucent pressed powderDanyel' Cream Compact Foundations and translucent pressed powder

Corrective Coverage

Brown Birthmarks:  Use Tawny Beige or Soft Beige or combine both over the mark to first neutralize the dark effect. Next cover with pressed powder and proceed over the entire face with the proper matching shade. (Depending on the darkness of the birthmark, in some instances a shade slightly darker than the normal skin color may have to be used.)

Purple or Red Birthmarks:  Cover with Soft Beige. With extremely fair or light skin color, use the Ivory Petal/Soft Beige Duo to cover the mark. Proceed as outlined above to finish.

**One outstanding problem women wish to cover is the brown pigmentation or melanin commonly seen from over exposure to the sun. This same form of discoloration is sometimes seen during pregnancy, which often results from a hormone change taking place during this time.  It is referred to as "mask of pregnancy" and often never fades completely away.  Other problems such as age spots and freckles require the all day coverage only Danyel' Foundation can give.  To cover these brown areas, first lighten them with a shade lighter than the natural skin tone and then go over the entire face with the proper color match of the skin.


Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are hereditary in many cases and this thin skin area normally shows tiredness, allergies, etc. 

Brown Circles:  Pat and blend light shade of foundation under the eyes to lighten circles (Ivory Petal or Soft Beige).  Next apply correct foundation shade to the entire face and gently go over the concealer with correct shade.

Extra Dark, Black or Blue-Black Circles:  Lighter shades will not work on black circles because these shades produce a grey effect. Pink neutralizes black; therefore, Tawny Beige with its pink undertones conceals black circles.  Proceed with application of correct foundation shade to the entire face and gently go over the concealer with face shade.