Smokey Eyes tips from Danyel Cosmetics for Blue, Brown, Green, and Hazel Eyes

November 03, 2014

Want Perfect Smokey Eyes?

Let Danyel's creamy no crease eyes shadow give you vivid color that make your eyes POP!


Danyel Cosmetics Eye Shadows & Blush Pallet

No matter what your eye color is, Danyel can give you the right color combination to achieve the perfect smokey eye look you crave!

Use Danyel Cosmetics cream to powder professional eye shadows to accent your eye color and really make them stand out. Using Danyel's profession eye shadow brush - The Fluff Brush - to apply our eye shadows will give you a perfectly blended color application that will last all day and all night.

For special occasions or an evening look, apply Danyel eye shadows wet for a bold and vivid look. Danyel's professional formula will keep that vibrant color even after the shadow drys on your eyelids. Also, since our shadows are formulated to be used by professional make up artist, even if you wet your eye shadow brush for a bolder color application, our shadows will dry completely back to normal in the compact so you can use them dry or wet at your next application!

Look below for the for color suggestions based on your eye color.

Green Eyes:
Chilling Mauve on your lower lid
Gray Frost on your crease
Spun Gold or White to hi-light under your brow
Brown Eyes:
Navy on your lower lid
Slate on your crease
White or Spun Gold to hi-light under your brow
Blue Eyes:
Bronze Mist on your lower lid
Mocha Frost on your crease
Spun Gold to hi-light your brow
Hazel Eyes:
Meadow Green on your lower lid
Mocha Frost on your crease
Spun Gold to hi-light your brow
Be creative and use these other color combinations for smoking' hot smokey eyes:
Slate on your lower lid
Gray Frost on your crease
White to hi-light you brow
Chilling Mauve on your lower lid
Pink Ice on your crease
Pink Dust to hi-light your brow
Bronze Mist on your lower lid
Mocha Frost on your crease
Doe to hi-light your brow
Feel free to bring in a 4th Danyel eye shadow to the any trio color combination to blend in a perfect look. You can also use Danyel Blushes for custom colors to match any color that you are trying to coordinate your smokey eye look with! Look below for color combinations to give you a customized color. 
TEAL – Meadow Green and Gray Frost
BLUE GREY – Chilling Mauve and Gray Frost
LIGHT TEAL – Meadow Green and Spun Gold
FUSCHUA – Wet Chilling Mauve and Rose Petal Blush
PEACH – Amber Haze Blush and Spun Gold
LIGHT MAUVE – Pink Ice and Mocha Frost
Click here for more tips on how to custom blend Danyel eye shadows and blushes to create the perfect look you crave!