Let Your Eyes Be The Star of Your Wedding Pictures!

September 30, 2014

Want Picture Perfect Looks on Your Big Day?

From Soft, Natural, Dewy Looks to Smoking Hot smokey eyes,

Danyel's Professional Eyeshadow Line will give you the perfect look that will last all day and night!


Use your eye's natural color as a guide to pick to perfect shadows or liners to compliment the natural beauty of your eyes.



Danyel Cosmetics Professional Eye Shadows



For Blue Eyes:

Use Bronze colored shadows with lighter mocha shades to make your baby blues really pop!

Suggested Danyel Colors: Bronze Mist, Mocha Frost or Doe, & Spun Gold, and use Slate or Navy to line your eyes


For Green Eyes:

Soft Purple shades or paler hues found in a plum or pink color collection really bring out green and hazel eyes!

Suggested Danyel Colors: Chilling Mauve, Pink Ice blended with Gray Frost, & Spun Gold, and use Chilling Mauve or Gray Frost to line your eyes


For Brown Eyes:

Shades of Blue, Navy, or Green tend to bring out the natural gold tones in brown eyes and really make them pop in photos!

Suggested Danyel Colors: Meadow GreenMocha Frost& Spun Goldand use Slate or Navy to line your eyes

or Navy, Pink Ice blended with Gray Frost, & Spun Gold, and use Chilling Mauve or Gray Frost to line your eyes


Want to make your eyeshadows pop with vibrant color?

Do what the professionals do and

apply your Danyel eyeshadow and eye liner wet!

Danyel's Professional Eyeshadows are formulated to be applied wet or dry.

When applied wet, you get bright, intensely romantic colors that stays

vibrant on your eyes all day during your special ceremony and 

all night as you dance your special evening away!

Danyel eyeshadows  will not fade, crease, or dissipate and

will look as fresh and vivid in the late hours of the evening

as they did in early morning hours that you applied your eyeshadow

with no need for touchups!


Danyel Cosmetics' Professional Make-up Brushes   Danyel Cosmetics' Sensitive Eye Mascara

Apply your Danyel Eyeshadow with our professional makeup brushes

and finish your perfect look with

Danyel's Sensitive Eye Mascara for voluptuous lashes

that will not flake away!