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Look Cool & Refreshed In the Heat With Danyel Cosmetics!



Danyel Cosmetic

Danyel's Foundations are Formulated to Stay Even in Hot & Humid Conditions!

Although our Foundations feel weightless on your skin, they are formulated with a high oxide content to float on top of the skin, give great coverage for any skin imperfection or flaw, and will not melt away or settle into any fine lines or wrinkles like other foundations do. If you are perspiring, simple dab your face with a tissue or towel to lift away the moisture, and you are all set! We have Zumba and Aerobics instructors who love our foundations for this reason!


Use Danyel's Translucent Pressed Powder after applying your foundation to set your makeup for the day! This will keep your foundation in place as well as keep your eyeshadows and blush in place as well.


Danyel's Eyeshadows are formulated with a high color factor so they give you vibrant color with all day staying power! Blend them to get customized colors for any special occasion! They stay on even when exercising!


Danyel's Blushes are specially formulated to stay vibrant on your cheeks with even color! Our special cream to powder formula goes on smooth as silk with even coverage, but stays on all day without fading or streaking!


Finish your look with Danyel's Lipstick! Formulated with all day staying power that will not fade away or change color after you apply!


Use Marli Skin Care to maintain healthy skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles! A great pallet always provides the foundation for the best look!


Marli Skin Care - Formulated for Skin Structure & Repair


Written by Kim Stahlin — September 13, 2014

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Welcome to Danyel Cosmetics and Marli Skin Care! We have been providing all natural, high quality, and affordable cosmetics and skin care to women of all ages since 1980! Providing top quality products that are simple to use and do what we say they will do at an affordable price is our goal here at Danyel Cosmetics. We value our customers and know that providing great products and excellent customer service is what sets us apart! We are proud to offer products that are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.

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