Marli' Collagen Face Lift After Application To Half of Your Face

Marli Skin Care


Marli' Collagen Facelift After Application to Left Side of Face

Scroll over image to zoom in for a closer look!

As you zoom over the eye that had the lift applied,

  • notice how the dark circles under the eye has faded,
  • the wrinkles under and around the eye has lifted away,
  • the difference in the height of the eyebrow.

See how the side that the lift was applied to is higher and tighter?

  • Zoom over the forehead and notice how the wrinkles in the left side have filled in and are lifted higher than the right side.
  • Zoom over the corners of the mouth and notice how the smile lines have faded away from the side that the lift was applied to.
  • Zoom over the jaw line and notice how the left side is more toned and supple.åÊ

Lastly, notice the neck. See the difference in the lines?

This is after one application. The effects will last up to four days even if you don't reapply the lift. Most use the lift twice a week and the results are cumulative. Most users will used the lift twice a week for approximately 8 weeks, then once a week or once every other week to maintain final results.
Each kit contains 20 to 25 lifts and you can chose the moisturizer that best addresses the needs of your skin.

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