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Danyel Lip Sticks, Lip Liners, & Lip Plumpers   

Let Danyel' Cosmetics Help you look Fabulous

Year Round!

Let your fresh look shine by using Danyel Cosmetics!! Look great in your favorite outfits with vibrant sexy eye colors, alluring blushes, and pouty lips!  Check out Danyel's Fire Collection for all of your favorite Colors!  
Don't forget to add Red Flame, Lucius Coral, Copper Penny, CoCo, & Raspberry Swirl to your lipstick collection to accent your wardrobe and hair styles!  Blend lipstick colors together to get the perfect shade you crave!
Don't forget that Danyel's Sienna Blush is also beautiful on your eyes!  
Use any Danyel eyeshadow or blush, the Danyel' fine liner brush, and water to line your eyes and lips with the perfect color and shape!  
Mix, match, and blend any Danyel Blush and Eyeshadow to get the perfect look you are looking for! (See our Color Blending link for great tips!)

Worried about dry, sun damaged, chapped skin, fine lines or wrinkles?  

Marli Skin Care is formulated for skin structure and repair, and will protect and repair your skin and give you the daily tools you need to erase old wrinkles and prevent new ones!

Gently cleanse your face with Marli Gel Wash without drying your skin!
Keep your PH in check by using Marli's toner.
Most importantly, moisturize and protect your face, neck, hands, and hair with
Marli's full line of skin structure and repair moisturizers and 5% Panthenol Hair & Skin Treatment!
 Marli 5% Panthenol Hair & Skin Treatment  Marli' Sun Damage Repair Skin Care Kit